We are lucky to be surrounded by many excellent pubs and restaurants.

At The Forge we have up to date menus and details of the local establishments that we recommend.

It is always advisable to book in advance at weekends.

Most popular with our guests at the moment are

The Tite Inn at Chadlington   Tel :- 01608 676910   Web site :- www.thetiteinn.co.uk

Whistlers in Chipping Norton Tel :- 01608 643363   Web site :- www.whistlersrestaurant.co.uk



Just over the road from us

The Chequers   Tel:-  01608 659393

Serving Steaks, Sea Food, Cured Meats & Pub Classics

Web Site :-  www.thechequerschurchill.com




For other local restaurants and pubs click HERE